October 6-10, 2021


Inside Hustle features three panel discussions focusing on the Philly music community. Content is thoughtfully crafted by Philly Music Fest, WXPN and various other contributors, including musicians, managers, agents, venues, talent and tour booking agents, streaming services, promoters, producers, marketing experts and visual artists. Inside Hustle takes place at World Cafe Live on October 9 from Noon to 3:00 PM. The following panels will be featured at Inside Hustle, but check @PhillyMusicFest on Instagram and Facebook for updates on panelists. Free food will be served. Vaccination and masks are mandatory.

PANEL 1: Company In My Back

Description: Conveying information on whether bands should form a legal entity, how to manage accounting and taxes, protecting the band name and logo/art through trademarks and copyrights and generally, running the business of a band. Moderator: Greg Seltzer. Panelists: Rogers Stevens, Sekou Campbell, Jacob Cohen.

PANEL 2: Should I Stay or Should I Go

Description: Exploring and endorsing Philly as a music home for artists and industry. An interactive session to discuss how to achieve success in Philly as an artist, hearing from artists that emerged in Philly, artists that left Philly for LA, NY, Austin or Nashville, and tips on extracting the best that Philly has to offer while understanding when artists may need to explore other markets. Moderator: John Vettese. Panelists: Augusta Koch, Will Yip, Bets Charmelus.

PANEL 3: Only A Pawn In Their Game

Description: Discussing tactics and strategies to survive in an industry dominated by multinational corporations, while staying independent, staying true to your mission and your fans, yet making a living and working with people you trust. Moderator: Maggie Poulos. Panelists: Marley McNamara, Wendi Jensen, Eva Alexiou-Reo.