October 6-10, 2021

Tech Tour

TECH TOUR is located at the intersection of technology and music. The ethos of a startup company is in many ways analogous to the ethos of an emerging artist or band. Scrappy, gritty, innovative and passionate. Many emerging artists work for technology startups and unquestionably, most technology startup employees are dedicated music lovers. TECH TOUR examines this intersection and presents a forum to convey content, nurture innovation, provide a platform for collaboration and, of course, entertain.

Again taking place at Guru Technologies (121 S. Broad Street) on the Friday afternoon of Philly Music Fest (10/8), TECH TOUR features three panel discussions focused on startups, venture capital and technology. Below are the panel descriptions and moderators. In between each panel, a Philly band will perform a short set. Free food will be served. Vaccination and masks are mandatory. Limited space is available due to distancing requirements.

PANEL 1: Scaling Product Work That Is Not Visible to the End User

Description:  There are often engineering-specific initiatives that fall between the cracks of new feature development: infrastructure work, upgrading dependencies, working on internal tooling and other DX (developer experience) projects. How can those who create our ‘product roadmaps’ be more aware of and incorporate these less-visible product initiatives? Moderator: Cody Casey, Lead Software Engineer at Guru Technologies.


PANEL 2: Adapting to Thrive: The Need For Startups To Evolve Their Business and Culture…and Perhaps Learn From the Music Industry

Description: We all know how life has changed in so many ways over the past year and a half. One thing tech companies and bands have in common is the need to innovate. Engaging your fans and customers requires new ways of thinking. How must startups adapt to thrive in this new world? Hear from tech founders and musicians on what they are learning and successful changes that have been implemented. Moderator: Rick Nucci, CEO of Guru Technologies.


PANEL 3: Managing and Harnessing Growth

Description: As your startup grows, it becomes harder to act quickly. Does raising money allow for growth or does growth allow for raising money? How does a startup that was raised by bootstrapping stay hungry and gritty? How do we foster a growth mindset and still foster experimentation and innovation? Moderator: Kimberly Klayman, ECVC Attorney at Ballard Spahr.